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The Benefits Of In-House Laundry & Strategies To Make It Even Better

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If your business or institution produces a lot of laundry, you are faced with a choice: send your linens out to be cleaned or build and maintain your own in-house laundry operation. The right choice for your business will depend on multiple factors — the space you have available, the value of your real estate, the volume of laundry you produce, and the reliability and cost of your commercial laundry service provider. For large institutions that produce a lot of laundry like hospitals, universities, and military facilities, on-premises laundry will — in most cases — deliver increased quality control and long-term cost savings. Large hotels and other businesses that produce a high volume of laundry will almost always benefit from OPL, too. But managers of midsize businesses like motels, fitness centers, care homes, and small businesses like salons may be reluctant to invest in on-premises laundry equipment, believing that the long-term savings and quality improvements will not be large enough to justify an upfront investment. For some businesses sending their laundry to an outside commercial laundry facility is the right choice, but in many cases, the benefits of in-house laundry far outweigh the benefits of sending out your linens. In this article, we will look at the benefits of OPL to help you decide what is right for your business.

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Benefits Of On-Premises Laundry

Here at Golden State Laundry Systems, we have helped hundreds of California businesses and institutions benefit from on-premises laundry. By choosing water-saving washers and energy-efficient dryers, our customers experience long-term cost savings and increased quality control. Here are some of the main benefits of OPL.

Benefits of OPL

  • Long term cost savings
  • Quality control
  • Fast turnaround
  • Fewer lost or damaged items
Long-Term Cost Savings

Because every business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will apply across the board. It is true that not all businesses would benefit from investing in on-premises laundry equipment, but if your business produces a high volume of laundry, you will likely see significant long term cost savings by bringing your laundry operation in house. There are three ways your business will save money from OPL. First, The weekly cost of running your in-house operation will be significantly less than the cost to outsource your laundry. Next, in-house operations experience longer linen life and fewer lost and damaged items. The cost of replacing linens may seem small at first but adds up over time. Finally, because the turnaround time is much faster with OPL, your business needs a lower overall supply of linens.

Quality Control

For hospitality businesses and healthcare institutions, quality-control is paramount. If customers or patients experience stained or worn sheets, towels, tablecloths, or napkins, they will quickly lose confidence in all aspects of your operation. In today’s world of online reviews, this may cause a loss of reputation for your business or institution. With your reputation on the line, can you afford to trust an outside service?

While many commercial laundry services stick to the highest standards, doing your laundry in-house gives you complete control over the process. Yellowing or greying occurs when residue is baked into your items during the drying process. At Golden State Laundry Systems, our modern high-speed washers extract much more water and residue from linens, reducing drying times, and protecting your items.

For hospitals and other health-care facilities, the stakes are even higher. In-house barrier washers ensure the best defense against the spreading of microorganisms and cross infections. OPL gives your facility full control over the laundering process and helps ensure that your patients are protected.

Fast Turnaround

With modern high-spin washers and energy-efficient dryers, your towels sheets or any laundry can be washed and dried in under an hour. If your business has a high turnover of customers, these time savings are extremely significant. With an in-house laundry operation, towels, napkins, and tablecloths could be used cleaned and used again several times in a single day. This is obviously much more efficient than having dirty items pile up throughout the week waiting to be collected. Keeping and replacing such a large stock of towels or linens may be an inefficient use of your business’s resources and OPL would help you dramatically cut costs.

Fewer Lost Or Damaged Items

The cost of replacing linens can add up significantly over time. If your business prides itself on quality service, you will invest in quality linens. And quality is expensive. Because a well run in-house laundry operation extends the life of these linens, your business will be able to significantly cut costs over time. When you add fast turnaround times to the equation, the cost savings become hard to ignore. Fast turnaround times allow your business to keep a lower overall stock of linens. This helps you to cut upfront costs, replacement costs, and because you have fewer linens you’ll save on storage too.

No Mix Ups & Late Deliveries

The vast majority of commercial laundry companies are reputable operations who take their responsibility towards their customers extremely seriously. But even with the best commercial laundry services, there are many more moving parts compared to OPL. More moving parts equals more opportunity for something to go wrong. A mixup because of a change of schedule or public holiday, a late delivery due to traffic congestion or your items simply being misplaced somewhere in the chain are all common occurrences when dealing with even the most reputable outside service. Because OPL is contained entirely in house, there is a lot less that can go wrong with your linens.

Common Misconceptions About OPL

With over 60 years of experience in serving the California market, Golden State Laundry Systems has helped hundreds of companies and institutions benefit by bringing their laundry in-house. But based on common misconceptions, many businesses are reluctant to choose OPL. Here are the most common misconceptions about in-house laundry.

You Need A Lot Of Space And A Free Basement

Many business owners are reluctant to choose OPL because they believe they would need to give over a large area to their in-house laundry operation. It is also a common misconception that commercial equipment must be installed on concrete foundations like basements or ground floors. This deters many business managers —particularly those in downtown locations where real estate values make every inch of their premises matter— from investing in an in-house laundry operation. Modern commercial washers and dryers are more compact than previous generations, and because of the lower vibrations of soft-mount washers, your laundry operation can be set up on any floor in your building. And with cycle times much quicker in modern laundry equipment, the productivity of your in-house laundry space is doubled or even tripled.

Specialty Training Is Required To Operate Commercial Laundry Equipment

Another misconception that puts business owners and managers off commercial laundry equipment is the belief that the operation of commercial equipment requires specialized training. Although they may be interested in the increased quality control and long-term cost savings that OPL offers, they believe that investing time and money into training staff is simply not worth the hassle. But depending on the model(s) you choose, operating a commercial laundry washer or dryer requires no more specialty training than an at-home appliance or using a washer at your local laundromat. Many of our commercial washers and dryers come with a multilingual interface. You can select from over 20 languages and display two languages at the same time. This makes our equipment easy to use for anyone who doesn’t speak English as their native language.

You Must Make A Large Investment — OPL Is Out Of The Price Range Of Small Businesses

If you own or operate a small business like a salon, veterinary, clinic, gym, or restaurant, you may have never even considered OPL, believing that your laundry needs are too small to benefit from commercial laundry equipment. Only a few years ago, you would have been correct in this assumption. But now, with the availability of semi-professional washers and dryers like Encore by Wascomat, businesses of all sizes have access to OPL. Encore equipment has a smaller footprint than traditional commercial equipment, and its soft-mount design means installation is a lot simpler. These semi-professional machines are built to last up to three times longer than an at-home appliance, delivering reliability and long-term cost savings to your small business.

Strategies To Improve Your In-House Laundry Operation

Having read this far, hopefully, you understand the benefits that OPL can bring to California businesses and institutions. But whether you run a business or a government institution, you will always want to improve efficiency and cut costs where possible. Here are some strategies to help you get the most from your in-house laundry operation.

Strategies To Improve Your In-House Laundry Operation

  • Choose efficient equipment
  • Choose reliable, long-lasting equipment
  • Choose easy to operate equipment
  • Start small and grow as you need to

Choose Efficient Equipment

It is true that the upfront investment in an in-house commercial laundry operation is significant. But, as you’ve read above, this initial investment will deliver cost savings for your business over the long term. The best way to increase these long-term savings is to invest in water-saving washers and energy-efficient dryers. Efficient commercial laundry equipment will significantly lower the operating costs of your operation, delivering more productivity and cost-saving in the long term.

Choose Reliable, Long-Lasting Equipment

Because investment in commercial laundry equipment pays off in the long term, you will want to invest in washers and dryers from companies with a reputation for reliability and long-term durability. Investing in sub-par equipment may lead to the premature breakdown of your washers and dryers. This will cost your business in repairs and replacement costs. And if your equipment breaks down you may need to use an outside service, defeating the whole purpose of building your in-house laundry operation in the first place.

Choose Easy To Operate Equipment

Commercial equipment comes in many shapes, sizes, and level of difficulty when it comes to operation. While healthcare institutions may need to invest in specialized equipment like barrier washers that need specific training in order to operate, most businesses will be able to invest in equipment that requires no such training. Here at Golden State Laundry Systems, our equipment is easy to operate, meaning you won’t need to hire specialty staff or invest in specialty training for your current team.

Start Small And Grow As You Need To

Your laundry operation does not need to be all or nothing. Many businesses choose to launder some items in-house while still sending a portion of their laundry out to be cleaned. Towels are the perfect item to start with if you are not ready to commit to a full in house operation. Because they do not need to be ironed towels are easier to launder. Hotels with a spa, swimming pool,or health club attached may choose to begin their laundry operation by laundering their towels in-house.

Which Industries Benefit From OPL?

Having read this far, hopefully, you understand the benefits that OPL can bring to California businesses and institutions. But whether you run a business or a government institution, you will always want to improve efficiency and cut costs where possible. Here are some strategies to help you get the most from your in-house laundry operation.

  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Small Business


The more laundry your business generates, the more likely you are to benefit from on-premises laundry. Few businesses generate more laundry than hotels and motels. Hospitality businesses are therefore prime candidates for in-house laundry operations.

Health Care

Hospitals, care homes, and medical clinics must clean their laundry correctly in order to prevent the spread of infections and ensure the highest hygiene standards for both patients and staff. There is a big difference between linens that look clean and those that are hygienically clean. Together with the correct practices for gathering and handling linens, Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers help healthcare in-house laundry operations achieve the highest hygiene standards.

Small Business

With the arrival of semi-professional laundry equipment, small business owners now have the power to take laundry into their own hands. Encore semi-professional equipment, delivers significant utility savings and is much more durable than top loaders and other residential laundry appliances.

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