5 Easy Steps to Retooling a Laundromat

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Buying a laundromat and updating it with new commercial laundry equipment is a great option for California entrepreneurs who want to own and operate a profitable, recession-resistant business. And whether you want to retool your current store, expand your laundry franchise, or open your very first laundromat, Golden State Laundry Systems have the experience and expertise to make the process easy and help you build a profitable laundry business.

Here are the 5 easy steps to retooling your laundromat with California’s #1 commercial laundry experts.

  • Find the Best Laundromat Location

    Finding the right location for your laundromat is a very important first step in creating a profitable laundromat business. While ground-up construction can be a great option, in established neighborhoods there are often existing laundromat businesses in prime locations. Purchasing and updating a coin laundry business in a prime location is an easy way to enter the coin laundry business. If this sounds good to you, why not start with our brokerage service. And if you already own a laundromat in a great location, read on and learn how we can help boost your profits.

  • Assessment & Construction by Our Laundromat Experts

    Onto assessing your business and beginning any necessary refurbishments. Luckily, Golden State Laundry Systems know exactly what it takes to maximize your business profits and with experienced contractors on our team, we can handle the refurbishments too. We can assess your store, repair existing equipment and replace parts where necessary. We can also provide you with a utility analysis to help you decide if you would benefit from outfitting your store with new water-saving washers and energy efficient dryers.

  • Select Best Coin Laundry Equipment

    If your store is due for refurbishment, your equipment will likely be ready for an upgrade too. There have been big advances in commercial laundry equipment over the past decade and new washers and dryers use a lot less water and energy than older equipment. You’ll be amazed at how much more profitable your store could become when you install new energy efficient commercial laundry equipment. Your customers will benefit from new equipment too. Are high-capacity high spin washers can’t help your customers get their weekly laundry washed and dried in under an hour. And more efficient means kind of garment too, a big plus for your eco-conscious customers.

  • Secure the Most Flexible Financing

    Our funding partners have flexible financing programs designed especially for laundromat business owners. You’ll get a great financing package paired with laundry business expertise. And because our funding partners understand the laundry industry, they have high approval rates for applications from laundromat businesses.

  • Promote Store With Laundromat Marketing Experts

    Before your grand re-opening, it’s time to spread the word. We can provide you with professional branding and signage — ask about the Electrolux Brand Ambassador Program for the most complete package. In-store marketing is just the start; for the biggest impact, you’ll want to get your business online. Our marketing experts can create a responsive website for your store and show you how to boost your SEO and get seen on Google, Yelp, Facebook & more!

Interested in exploring your retool options? Contact us today!

If you are one of the many laundromat business owners who could benefit from a laundromat retool, contact the coin laundry experts at Golden State Laundry Systems today!

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