Laundry Business Services For New Laundromat Owners In California

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The Golden State Laundry Systems team was delighted to meet so many entrepreneurs interested in opening a new laundromat in California at our Fall 2018 Open House shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Whether you made it to one of our shows, or you’ve just recently learned about the benefits of owning your own coin laundry store, here are some of the ways Golden State Laundry Systems helps new investors build profitable laundromat businesses.

  • We Offer Expert Laundromat Business Advice

    No one knows more about the California laundromat business than Golden State Laundry Systems. We have decades of experience helping new investors build profitable coin laundry businesses. And we don’t just advise others how to run laundromats — we own them ourselves. Many of the GSLS team are current or former store owners. We have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

  • Our Laundromat Brokerage Service

    Whether you want to purchase an existing laundromat or are looking for a property where you can build a completely new store, Golden State Laundry Systems’ expert laundromat Brokerage Service has you covered. Together with our brokerage partners, we can help you secure the right location for your new business.

  • Laundry Business Financing Packages

    If you need funding for your business, Golden State Laundry Systems can help with that too! We have partnered with both Eastern Funding and Laundrylux Funding Services (LFS) to offer financing packages tailored to laundry businesses.

  • Coin Laundry Store Construction

    With general contractors on our team, we can help you build a new store from the ground up, help you retool and refurbish an existing store, or offer advice and consultation to your own building team. Laundromat stores have specific building requirements and you’ll be glad to have the GSLS experts on your team.

  • Profit-Boosting Commercial Laundry Equipment

    Our commercial coin washers and dryers are designed to help laundromat owners deliver the best service to their customers while helping store owners keep running costs down. Our reliable equipment is packed with water-saving and energy-efficient features. By choosing our high-quality equipment, you’ll save on running costs and maintenance over the life of your machines.

  • Laundromat Marketing Assistance

    Through our partnership with Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS), Golden State Laundry Systems can offer our Electrolux store owners valuable marketing services absolutely free.

  • Seminars and Events

    We love to share our laundry business expertise and technical knowledge. And we believe the best way to share our know-how is live and in-person. That’s why we regularly hold laundromat profitability seminars, technician service schools, and open house events throughout California.

Want to learn more about our expert support services for California laundromat businesses?

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