Newly Designed Wascomat Washers and Dryers Have Arrived

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Transform your coin laundry store into the most stylish laundromat in California with Wascomat commercial washers and dryers — now with scratch-and-stain-proof, stainless-steel front plate.

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Wascomat Commercial Laundry Equipment Has Never Looked So Good

Wascomat commercial laundry equipment is famous for top performance and long-lasting durability; now you can add high-end design to the list. Wascomat’s newly designed washers and dryers now feature a stainless-steel front plate for added durability and industry-leading style.

Wascomat Washers and Dryers — Designed to Work Together

Wascomat high G-force washers and high-efficiency dryers are designed to work together to provide your customers with the fastest possible wash/dry time. The high spin washer extracts the maximum volume of water leading to short drying times. Your customers will love the ability to complete their laundry in under an hour.

Wascomat Provides Eco-Friendly Laundry Solutions

Wascomat commercial laundry equipment is engineered for quality, energy savings, and water efficiency. When you buy a Wascomat washer or dryer, you are truly investing in the future of your business.

Wascomat Commercial Washer Features Include...

  • Compass Pro lets you control important functions such as exact water levels, wash times and, number of rinses.
  • Super Balance helps extend the life of the washer.
  • Sanitizing Rinse generates customer loyalty by giving laundromat customers peace of mind.
  • Interchangeable Parts allow you to change parts from one machine size to another.
  • Automatic Savings determines the exact load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water for significant savings.

Wascomat Commercial Dryer Features Include...

  • Best Drying Performance With Low Energy Consumption thanks to optimal combination of gas consumption (Btu/hr) and airflow (CFM).
  • Reversing Drum minimizes tangling and wrinkling, and improves dryer efficiency. helps extend the life of the washer.
  • Axial Airflow and Tight Construction leads to extremely low energy consumption, helping you save up to 25% in gas.
  • EcoPower helps you save up to an additional 15% of energy consumption.

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