Miele WetCare Is A Better Way To Clean Dry-Clean Garments

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If you are a dry cleaner in California, Golden State Laundry Systems has an eco-friendly solution for you and your customers. Miele WetCare machines can launder delicate fabrics like wool, cashmere, and silk without using solvents that can be harmful to the environment and toxic to people.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning For Your Business

  • You can offer an eco friendly service to environmentally conscious customers

  • Wet cleaning is suitable for all textiles with a W on the care label and many items with a P or F too.

  • The process is very gentle — textiles retain their brilliance and have a fresh fragrance.

  • No need for harmful solvents makes wet cleaning better for workers

  • Miele WetCare is the environmentally responsible choice for businesses with the ‘Blue Angel’ seal of approval.

Capture the Eco-Conscious Market

In California we have some of the most eco-conscious consumers anywhere in the world. And these consumers seek out ways to create less impact on the environment. Many people believe that they have no alternative for their dry-clean only garments like wool, but wet cleaning is safe for the majority of these items and is much friendlier to the environment. Your business can capture this lucrative market with Miele WetCare equipment.

Want more? Come to our Miele Wet Cleaning Sale & Presentation Event!

Attend Golden State Laundry Systems’ Miele wet cleaning sale and special live presentations on May 11th and 12th at our Hayward location in the San Francisco Bay area. This event is a great opportunity to see Miele WetCare equipment up close, watch live demonstrations, and get special pricing on selected machines with funding available from Eastern Funding. You can also meet representatives from Miele and Kreussler Textile Chemistry as well as your fellow cleaning professionals and CCA members.

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