Mission to Mars: 1st Laundromat in Space

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After the successful maiden flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, space travel has once again blasted into the public consciousness.

With the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, stating that his ultimate goal is to create a human city on Mars, the team at Golden State Laundry Systems is wondering how we can get involved.

The First Laundromat on Mars

Now, we are not planning to launch any rockets into space, but we know that no city is complete without a laundromat.

All of those brave men and women who set up the first city on Mars are going to need clean clothes, right? And who knows — there may be Martians living underground who want their clothes laundered too!

Why Golden State Laundry Systems Is the Best Candidate for the Job?

As a California business, we are very proud of our neighbors over at SpaceX — and when it comes time to set up that first city, who better to take charge of laundry operations than California’s #1 commercial laundry distributor?

Golden State Laundry Systems has been serving California laundry businesses for over 60 years, and if you’re reading this, Elon, we’d be happy to partner with you too!

Preparing for Our Mission to Mars?

  • New Technology

    Building a laundromat on Mars makes us think of Sci-fi movies and books. And anyone who loves Sci-fi knows that the future always has cool new technology.

    Whatever technology is invented when this project takes off, you can be sure that we’ll be the first to make it available to our Californian customers and our Martian customers too.

    If you are a laundromat owner interested in today’s latest technology, ask us about LaundryPulse. This laundromat management software lets you run your store (or stores) from your laptop. The future is here!

  • New Customers

    Running a Laundromat is all about serving your customers’ needs. Our laundromat on Mars may have many different types of customers. From astronauts, medical staff, military officers, to regular Earthlings— and possibly even regular Martians.

    Our laundromat will offer a range of services to suit every one of our customers. Sounds a lot like one of the many stores we’ve helped set up here on Earth.

    Want advice on what type of services your laundromat should offer? Would wash & fold or delivery services appeal to your customers, contact us with all of your questions!

  • Scarce Water & Energy

    Right now, almost all water on Mars exists in the form of ice. We’re sure in the future there will be technology to harvest liquid from the air (or passing asteroids), but our washers will certainly need to be efficient in their use of water and energy.

    Luckily, we already specialize in providing water and energy efficiency commercial laundry equipment that’s good for your business and the planet too! Ask about our energy and water efficient coin laundry equipment.

We have lots of things to discover in our Mission to Mars!

  • What kind of laundry equipment should we bring to our laundromat on Mars?
  • What kind of clothes will people wear to keep warm on Mars? It’s pretty cold up there.
  • How will the lower gravity affect our 450G high spin washers? Will they spin even faster?
  • What’s the best way to get red dust stains out of fabrics?
  • What kind of clothes do Martians wear, anyway?
Stay Tuned!
The team on commercial laundry experts at Golden State Laundry Systems will try to answer at least one of these questions in our next blogpost.

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