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Start Your Self-Service Laundry With Our Latest Laundromat Business Tools

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If you are considering opening a self-service laundry, you may be asking yourself how much time/energy you will need to dedicate to your store. Perhaps you already have a full-time job and want to open a laundromat to bring in extra income, or perhaps you want to build a laundromat franchise and run multiple locations.

This month, Golden State Laundry Systems has introduced two exciting new innovations for self-service laundry owners — LaundryPulse and the Electrolux Professional Concept Store. These business tools are designed to deliver the maximum returns on your time and, together with the right coin laundry equipment, can help you build a profitable self-service laundry business.

Find Your New California Laundromat

If you want to enter the laundromat business you’re going to need a location. For an established laundromat business look no further than our Laundromat Brokerage Service. At Golden State Laundry Systems, we have listings for established, profitable laundromat businesses throughout California.

Golden State Laundry Systems will pay $500 towards your escrow fees upon closing another successful transaction with our team!

Get the Ultimate Turn-Key Store With the Electrolux Concept Store

Many entrepreneurs entering the laundry business for the first time will be either building a laundromat in a new location or buying and existing business in need of refurbishment.

This is where the Electrolux Professional Concept Store comes in: Electrolux has designed a premium quality laundromat with high end finishes and natural materials for business owners & entrepreneurs. With this package, your store will quickly attract customers away from the competition, and you won’t need to hire a designer — Electrolux has thought of everything. They have full, turn-key plan ready for your construction team.

Run Your Business Remotely With LaundryPulse

Now that you have your location, it’s time to manage your laundromat business! LaundryPulse is a revolutionary digital management system built specifically for laundromat owners. LaundryPulse lets you manage multiple locations remotely from your laptop. You can see which washers and dryers are being used in real time and receive a notification if any of your machines is experiencing a problem or needs a service. You can implement pricing promotions right from your laptop and track their success in real time, and view in-depth statistical data on your store to help you make the best business decisions. LaundryPulse lets you do all this, and much more, from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with internet access!

Contact Golden State Laundry Systems

Contact Golden State Laundry Systems for more information about the laundromat business. Our experts are ready to help you take the first steps towards your dream laundry store.

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