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Reasons To Update Your Laundromat With New Commercial Laundry Washers

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There are many advantages to owning and operating a California laundromat business. Coin laundry is a stable, recession-proof industry, and with repeat weekly customers, it is a one predictable too. Like every other business however, investment is required, and deciding when to invest in new coin laundry equipment is one of the most challenging decisions a laundromat owner will face.

There are many reasons to invest in new equipment — if your store is full at peak times, new washers with fast cycles will increase customer turnaround; if your utility bills are eating into profits, new efficient washers will cut bills and boost your green credentials; and if your store is losing customers to the competition, new equipment may attract customers back to your store. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of investing in new commercial coin washers.

  • Boost Energy Savings & Green Credentials

    Energy efficiency is a buzzword in the commercial laundry industry. Manufacturers know that laundromat owners don’t want high energy costs eating into their profits, and they are in an arms race to produce washers that use less water and energy per load. This is great for you as a laundromat owner, as you can now purchase commercial washers with drastically lower running costs. Electrolux are one company that produce particularly energy-efficient equipment. With features such as AS (automatic savings) which weighs each load and adds precisely the right volume of water to the wash, Electrolux commercial washers create significant savings (up to 50%) on water and energy use compared to older equipment. These savings mean higher profits for your business. And with Californians being some of the most energy conscious consumers in the country, better green credentials will help you attract more eco-conscious customers.

  • Increase Customer Turnover at Peak Times

    In a perfect world, your laundromat would see a steady supply of customers throughout the week — Wednesday afternoon would be just as busy as Saturday morning. Unfortunately, in the real world your business has dead hours when your store could run on just one machine and peak hours when you wish you could double the size of your store. These busy periods provide the greatest opportunity for increased profits, and often “how can I serve more customers at peak times?” is the key question for a laundromat owner. With California property prices the highest in the country, expansion is often not an option, or at least a very expensive one. New, efficient coin washers from Golden State could be the answer. Stack washer/dryers will double the productivity of your floor space, and efficient washing machines with fast cycles and high water extraction will help you increase customer turnover during your busiest periods. This translates to higher profits for your business and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Attract the Next Generation of Laundromat Users

    Information technology is changing the way Californians do business; from ride hailing to banking, more and more customers use their phones to conduct business, and many industries are adapting to take advantage of this phenomenon. In the coin laundry industry, this can be most obviously seen in the rise of self-service laundromats. Technology is emerging that gives owners the power to manage their stores remotely and lets customers see machine availability, receive notifications when a cycle is complete, and pay through their phone. These features lead to lower running costs for store owners and an increased customer base, as more and more consumers move towards mobile pay. Many new coin washers come with the ability to integrate these technologies, giving you powerful tools to manage your store for maximum profits.

  • Secure Low Financing Rates

    The cost of borrowing has a big impact on a laundromat owner’s decision to invest in new equipment. If increased profits will be eaten up with high interest payments, many owners will be reluctant to invest. Golden State Laundry Systems can help you secure financing with flexible programs and low rates, so you can invest in your business in confidence.

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