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Why Your Laundry Business Should Buy Authentic Replacement Parts

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While fake parts may cost less upfront, Golden State Laundry Systems always recommend that our California customers buy authentic replacement parts for their commercial laundry equipment.

With fake parts, you run the risk of damaging your valuable equipment, jeopardizing the energy efficiency and safety of your machine, and even voiding your warranty. Golden State Laundry Systems is proud to carry manufacturer-engineered genuine replacement parts.

Manufacturer Engineered & Quality Tested

Genuine manufacturer-built replacement parts are made to the same high standard as the machines themselves. Engineered to precise specifications to ensure perfect fit, authentic parts are designed to work perfectly with the other original components in your commercial laundry machine. Each part is tested and inspected to make sure it delivers reliability, quality, long life, and safety.

  • Authentic Parts for Longevity

    With proper maintenance, modern commercial laundry equipment can serve your business for decades. There are many Electrolux and Wascomat washers and dryers still going strong after 40+ years. Choosing genuine replacement parts is one of the best things you can do to ensure your investment continues to serve your business long into the future.

  • Authentic Parts for Energy Efficiency

    Modern commercial laundry equipment is packed with energy and water saving technology. Fake parts can lower the energy efficiency of your machines, costing your business more in the long run. Always choose genuine parts to protect the energy efficiency credentials of your equipment.

  • Authentic Parts for Machine Integrity and Warranty

    Authentic replacement parts are built to work perfectly with the other components of your equipment. Fake parts can damage more expensive components, leaving your business with a large repair bill. Installing fake parts might also void your machine’s warranty. Protect your equipment and your business by always choosing genuine replacement parts.

Easy-to-Order Parts With Same-Day Shipping

Golden State Laundry Systems has a large inventory of replacement parts to keep your commercial laundry equipment working at its best. Ordering is simple: call our parts experts or submit this quick-and-easy order form in under 1 minute!

Do You Have Questions?
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If you are not sure what part your machine needs or want to learn more about our commercial laundry products or services, get in touch with Golden State Laundry Systems. Our experts can support all your laundry needs.

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