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What Is a Laundromat Assessment?

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As a business owner you want to ensure that every aspect of your laundromat is set up to maximise your profit and your customer’s satisfaction. With a laundromat assessment from Golden State Laundry Systems our experts will visits your coin laundry business to check everything from the efficiency of your equipment to your store layout and marketing efforts.

With over 60 years of experience and expertise in serving California commercial laundry businesses, you can rely on us to help you discover mechanical problems before they turn into costly repairs and advise you on all aspects of your laundry. And best of all, we offer this service absolutely free!

Benefits of a Laundromat Assessment

  • Ensure That Your Equipment Is Running Efficiently

    If your coin laundry equipment is not running efficiently, you will see the results in your energy and water bills. Our technicians can check that your equipment is installed correctly and show you how to program your equipment for maximum efficiency.

  • Catch Any Issues Before Your Equipment Requires Major Repairs

    Sometimes equipment repair services are needed, and in those cases Golden State has expert technicians and genuine replacement parts to get your machines back working for your business ASAP. But prevention is better than cure, and a laundromat assessment can help you discover and deal with problems while they are still small.

  • Get Advice on Floor Layout and Customer Turnover

    Is your laundromat’s layout efficient? Do you have the right balance of washers and dryers? Would stack dryers help eliminate a dryer bottleneck? We can advise you on all aspects of your store layout to ensure you are getting the most out of your space and seeing maximum customer turnover at peak times.

  • Get Advice Beyond the Equipment

    Do you need advice on the best way to market your store? Do you have the best payment system for your customers? What about laundromat supplies? Our experts can help you with all aspects of your coin laundry business.

What If You Don’t Own a Laundromat Yet?

If you are looking to get into the coin laundry industry or want to start a laundromat business in California, Golden State would be happy to be your commercial laundry partner. We offer a range of services for prospective laundromat owners, including a brokerage service to help you find the perfect property.

Get in Touch With Golden State Laundry Systems

Get in touch with us today to book your free laundry room assessment, or give us a call for with any commercial laundry query. We are your one stop commercial laundry shop!

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