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Find the Best Payment System for Your Laundromat

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Coin Operated vs. Card Payment Systems

One question prospective California Laundromat owners regularly ask us here at Golden State Laundry Systems is “What is the best payment system for my laundromat?”

On the surface it is a simple question of coin operated vs. card operated, but once you dig a little deeper, your choices quickly multiply. From coin sliders, coin drops, change machines, token systems, credit/debit card, mobile pay, loyalty cards, hybrid coin/card systems to full laundry management systems, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the range systems available. When you’re ready to take the next step, our laundry experts would be happy to walk you through your options in more detail to ensure you make the right investment, but for now, let’s go over the basics.

What Is Right for Your Business & Customers

Choosing the right payment system for your laundromat should come down to just two things: What does your customer want? And how do you plan to run your business?

Coin Operated — Why Change?

For years, coin systems were the only option when it came to vended laundry. Nowadays there are many choices, but coin systems still command a major share of the laundromat business. If you are concerned about the security/ vandalism risk of using coin money boxes, tokens offer a safe alternative. Tokens are also a very simple way to keep returning customers. If you opt to stick with a coin system you will of course need a change machine in your store. Many change machines come with the option of coin or token dispersal.

  • Many customers still prefer to use cash
  • Requires no loyalty sign up for customers— no barriers
  • Easy for transient customers such as tourists or students
  • Tokens reduce vandalism risk

Hybrid Coin/Card Systems — Accept Everyone!

With the growth of mobile pay systems, card/mobile may seem like the best long term investment for your laundromat. But what if most of your customers currently prefer to use cash? Thankfully there are hybrid systems available, so you can offer the convenience of card/mobile payment without losing those customers who would prefer to stick to quarters.

  • Hybrid Coin/Card Systems cover all customers
  • Future-proof your business
  • Keep customers who prefer coins

Full Laundry Management Systems — It Pays to Be Smart!

Golden State offers card payment systems with a range of extra options. Many systems are designed for the passive business owner, and there are some very sophisticated electronic payment systems now available. These systems give you the option to manage your payments completely off-site. You can monitor and even interact with your machines from anywhere with an internet connection and view full analytic reports to help you make the smartest business decisions.

  • Manage your laundromat from anywhere in the world
  • Run monthly, daily, and hourly reports
  • The best option for passive business owners

Get in Touch With Golden State Laundry Systems

If you are ready to invest in a payment system for your California laundromat, get in touch with Golden State Laundry Systems. Our experts can walk you through each option in detail and help you make the right investment.

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