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New Year, New Apartment Laundry Equipment

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How to Pick a Laundry Equipment Provider for 2016

2015 is rapidly drawing to a close and business owners are gearing up to renew their or begin their commercial laundry leases. Selecting an apartment laundry equipment provider can be a pretty daunting process – so here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing a new laundry leasing company.

1. How many commercial washers and dryers do you need ?
Obviously quality and quantity of equipment is a big part of selecting a commercial laundry equipment company. One of the fastest ways to create chaos in an apartment laundry room is having insufficient machines for tenants to get their chores done, so it’s important to consider a company that not only has top of the line equipment, but enough of it.  Be sure to clearly communicate exactly how many machines you’ll need when selecting your laundry service provider.

2.  Do you want to own or lease your laundry equipment?
Most laundry equipment providers have a wide range of laundry leasing programs or options for apartment laundry room owners to choose from. There are several benefits to leasing or owning your apartment laundry equipment. Check out this blog post about apartment laundry lease types to learn more about the pros and cons of owning versus laundry equipment leasing.

3. How do you want to collect your laundry room profits?
How you collect your laundry room profits is fully dependent on the type of laundry equipment lease you select. Bear this in mind when making your selection of apartment laundry equipment lease provider.

4. How are you going to maintain your laundry equipment?
Consider whether or not you have the skills and expertise to keep up to date with the maintenance of your apartment laundry room. When choosing a laundry leasing service provider, make sure to ask questions about their overall maintenance plan.

Looking for an apartment laundry leasing company in Southern California?

Golden State Laundry Systems has several lease and purchase options available for business owners looking to find a new laundry equipment provider for 2016. Contact us on on dkhoury@gsls4laundry.com or give us a call at (310) 749-7123.

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