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Laundry Lease: Revenue Sharing vs. Owner Operated

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Southern California Laundry Leasing Made Easy

Running an apartment or hotel laundry room in a busy place like Southern California can be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated. The logistics of running a commercial laundry operation require a certain amount of expertise in order to keep things running smoothly. A disorganized laundry room leads to unhappy residents, so when selecting your laundry lease options, it’s important to choose the solution that’s right for both YOU and your future customers.
Some launderette owners swear by owner operation, but revenue sharing laundry leases are gaining popularity too. Both methods of commercial laundry equipment leasing  have their benefits, so we’ve outlined them below to help our customers make a more informed decision for their business.

The Benefits of an Owner Operated Laundry Program

An owner-operated laundry lease is a better laundry equipment rental option for the business owner who wants to maintain complete control over their commercial laundry operation. While this approach is a lot more hands on, the owner is responsible for all of installation, maintenance and repair of the machines, as well as  collection of the monies.  This is a lot of logistical responsibility and can be inconvenient if you don’t have the necessary expertise.  If you’d prefer to have more control of the profits and less of the maintenance responsibility – consider a collection laundry lease for your commercial laundry operation.

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The Benefits of a Revenue Sharing Laundry Lease Program

A full route laundry lease allows for a busy customer to outsource their commercial laundry equipment solutions to a professional company who take care of everything from installation to maintenance.  This type of laundry lease offers $0 out of pocket fees, or startup costs for the business owner.  The laundry leasing company  will then provide washers and dryers for the common area laundry room. With this type of lease, the company, along with the business owner will share the revenue collected. Some laundry equipment companies will even collect the money from each washer and dryer. Business owners will then receive a check for their share of the revenues.

The benefits of a revenue sharing laundry lease include:

– Convenient and hassle free way to manage your multi-family laundry operating system.

– Reliable and professional installation , maintenance, and repair services for your laundry equipment.

– Lower water, utility and sewage bills

– Increased net operating income

This is the perfect option for busy business owners who are seeking a full service laundry equipment rental solution in Southern California.

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