Front- Loader vs. Top – Loader Washer for Commercial Laundry

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When you’re searching for Commercial Laundry Equipment for your apartment complex or residence, you want to make sure that you’re offering your customers the best laundry solution possible.
Part of this decision is determining whether or not you want to utilize a front- loading or top-loading washing machine.

The Great Commercial Laundry Equipment Debate

The Front-Loader versus Top-Loader debate is one of those arguments that has raged on in the laundry equipment industry for years. Some people will tell you that top-loaders are power-draining, water guzzling relics – whereas others will tell you that front-loaders are overpriced, ineffective cleaning machines. To make choosing your commercial laundry equipment a little easier – we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of each.

Front – Loader

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Front – Loading laundry equipment takes bigger loads and offer more custom cycle options


– If your commercial laundry room is tight on space- these washers are stackable.
– Front- loading washers have more unique custom wash options.
– In consumer tests- front loaders are typically better at removing stains and dirt, as they incorporate a steam cycle.
–  Front-loaders are better for the environment because it uses less water.
– These washers can fit larger loads which is better for apartment complexes, hotels and other multi-family residences.


– Better quality features mean higher prices.
– Custom washing cycles can take up to 30 minutes longer than that of a top-loader.
– Because of its design, water can get trapped inside, causing musty -odors to form in the washtub and the detergent dispenser.
– A fast spin cycle means the machine will vibrate, which can be noisy.

Top –  Loader

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Top-loading laundry equipment is easier to use and has a shorter cycle time


– Top-loaders are relatively less expensive than a front loader.
– These machines have easy to understand controls and functions.
– Top-loaders tend to have shorter wash cycles, which will save you time.
– Top-loading washers and dryers will vibrate less.


–  Unfortunately, less space means smaller loads.
– Top-loaders use a lot more water than front-loaders.
– No custom cycle options.
– Lack of custom options (for instance, a steaming function) means that a top-loader might not be as effective at stain removal.
– Top-loaders are not stackable – so if you are short on space, they are less convenient.

The verdict:
Front loading washers and dryers can take bigger loads, offer more custom cycle options and are better at stain removal. For multi-family housing, front-loading machines are the way to go.

If you’re looking for commercial laundry equipment in Los Angeles or Southern California – contact Golden State Laundry Systems.


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